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Friday, August 31, 2007

Dania Denise in a Fashion Show?

Hmmm...little ole 5'4" me tearing up the runway? Thought you'd never hear that, huh? Okay, so it's for a college fashion show which isn't exactly New York Fashion Week or anything to brag about, but hey, it's still a fashion show and one that I'm actually volunteering for...yep, no pay. Hard to believe, I know! But I do make exceptions to the rule.

While I don't care for fashion shows and the runway scene normally, this sounds like a fun event that will help Brooks College in CA showcase their students' work. Plus, any fashion show that has an open height requirement is one that I will usually want to do, since it's always nice to work with folks who aren't so snobby about how "tall" and "runway" are always together like PB&J and are open to working with shorter models. haha.

Last night I was actually practicing my runway walk in my 4 inch heels from Victoria's Secret (they're way sexy, thank you very much!) and I have no problems strutting my stuff in those high heels so I'm confident that I will do well against the taller gals.

I'll be going to the final fitting tonight at the college to see what styles and clothes fit me and hopefully they will decide to book me for the show, which will be Sunday, September 16th.

Hah, I LOVE having a photographer as a boyfriend! If I do get booked for this show, in lieu of monetary compensation, I am going to have my boyfriend photograph the event in order to get some hot runway shots of me for my portfolio. How cool would that be? See, there's method to the madness.

Anytime I do a free event, I always find some way to benefit so getting images of me in action will give me a great opportunity to not only get more experience with fashion/runway but to also add those images to my freelance portfolio. It doesn't matter if you've done huge shows or local ones, they all amount to real-life experience so if anyone asks if you have runway experience, don't think that doing small shows don't count because they do so proudly say, "Yes, I know how to do runway!"

I'll be sure to keep you all posted if I do end up doing the show.

1 comment:

Amelia said...

hello, blatently beautiful girl LOL... well not lol it's true.

im 16years old, female, interested in modelling, 5ft9,120 lbs, and people are very complimenting... however, i am fully aware of my bumped nose.

to what extent will i be limited in this type of career?

Love Amelia,

ps may you reply to (amelia_mathewson@hotmail.co.uk)
if you have the time,
many thanks for your blog, been the best i've read so far xxx