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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Answering a Reader Question #156

Merivel Wrote:

Hi Dania helpful post btw. I just wanted your opinion on my situation. I just turned 23 a few days ago. I'm 5"7 and want to be a plus size model. Do you think the plus size modeling industry would take someone my age? If so can you give me a few tips on how and where to start. I feel the clock is ticking. Thanks. 

Hi, Merivel! Great questions! At your age, you're not exactly considered "over the hill" lol, especially if you still look youthful and maintain your figure. However, if you want to pursue plus size modeling, it is important to note that the same requirements still apply as if you were trying to be a traditional high fashion/runway model. The minimum height for plus size agencies is 5'8" so even though you're one inch shorter, many agencies will use that against you so it is important to know that upfront.

My best piece of advice as to where you should start would be to visit the official websites of plus size agencies and see what each of their specific requirements are (not all of the requirements/guidelines are the same for each one). Once you know that information, then you can go about submitting your photos and info directly to the agencies or attend open casting calls for those that have them. Here is a link to the top legitimate and reputable plus size agencies (some are UK based but plenty of them are located in the USA):

Top Plus Size Modeling Agencies

Remember, find out what each agency wants from new models and only after you know that, go about preparing your pictures and other info for each one accordingly. At this point, you probably won't need to worry about putting together a professional portfolio or pay to have pro headshots and images. Unless an agency requests this, they'll be perfectly fine with non-pro, digital snapshots. Hope that helps. If you need more assistance, I'm always available at: daniadenise@gmail.com.

Best of luck to you!

1 comment:

Merivel said...

Thank you so much this was very helpful.