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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Latest Shoot: T.I.L. Darling - The Online Boutique Catalog

As downhill as Craig's List has gone over the years, my experience searching through their Gigs/Talent section still allows me to find some gems, which definitely applies to another recent shoot I did. I submitted my photos and info online to a CL post that was looking for online catalog models for a clothing company.

I had all but forgotten about it until I got an email from the company's owner a few weeks ago, asking if I was still interested and what my availability was. After talking in more detail about the shoot, I was hired and we set a date, time and location.

The online catalog for the T.I.L. Darling company typically used mannequins to showcase their latest styles for sale but finally decided to make the switch to using live models in order to bring a new look to the site as well as hopefully boost sales in certain markets.

It was the owner's first time dealing with models and although he originally wanted to shoot with 3-4 girls, he pretty much ended up just using me for now. In fact, he told me that he chose me among the others because I had extensive experience and because he'd also checked out my blog, which obviously showed I knew what I was doing.

He explained that the other models had great looks but they were so young and he didn't want to take the chance of dealing with possible diva, inexperienced, immature personalities. It was his choice and although I'm sure the other models would have worked out just as fine, I wasn't complaining!

The shoot took place in this home studio with a plain white backdrop. Because the images were for the online catalog/website, the poses were very basic in nature. For each outfit I did the following poses:

- Plain, frontal shot with no posing
- Frontal shot with posing
- Profile shot with no posing
- Profile shot with posing
- Back shot with no posing
- Back shot with posing

For some of the outfits I got to wear accessories, which were also from the T.I.L. Darling line. I was really excited about that part because he literally pointed me to a table full of earrings, bracelets and necklaces and said I could totally choose what to pair with what outfit. So I got to be a mini stylist for the day! Whenever accessories were worn, we had to do a few extra close up shots of the jewelry, which were also for the online catalog/website.

We shot for about 4 hours and, for the most part, it went by pretty quickly, although I could definitely feel my energy draining towards the end. But we played upbeat music and chatted in between shots. I'm hoping that the images boost the website's sales and I know I'm definitely going to be purchasing a lot of the outfits that I got to wear.

Before you say, "Wait, I thought the models got to keep the clothes?!" let me say that while I didn't get any freebies (the clothes I wore were actually going to be for sale on the site), I was given a 50% discount for my next purchase...I'll totally take that deal!!!

Below are some of the screenshots of my favorite outfits/photos from the shoot, which are currently live on the T.I.L. Darling - The Online Boutique's Website:

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Anonymous said...

I guess catalog models, both male and female, can be short these days unlike before where they couldn't. It would be nice to talk about some changes in the modeling industry these days, including the economy.