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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Answering a Reader Question #168

Shanelle Wrote:

Wow sounds like you had a busy day!:) Sorry to bother you with more questions (seeing you get so many) but I have a situation. I am from Saskatchewan Canada (I live in the provinces capital) and want to be a model. I am meeting with a smaller local agency on thursday. Because I live in such an isolated area there are no high fashion jobs (such as high coture shows) can I apply to agencies in New York? I am fairly tall (5'9.5" and I'm 15) so I don't think those high fashion shows are out of reach. I would also possibly like to do VS one day too? I don't think all the models are from elite/ford are they? Chanel Iman is from IMG. (Btw I look similar to her). So how can I, while living in a small city, become a high fashion model? (Btw I am entering a model search in sept. The prize is a contract with NEXT models canada.) Is that good for VS and other prestigous jobs? Sorry for all the q's! :) -Shanelle 

Hi, Shanelle! Never apologize for asking too many questions...that's what I'm here for! :-)

It is good to submit to the local agency in your area because even though you won't be doing high fashion runway, it still establishes you as an agency represented model and the jobs you will book (magazines, catalogs, etc.) will help you build your portfolio and give you a chance to gain more direct modeling experience if you want to increase your odds of finding a top agent. However, there is no problem with applying to agencies in the New York market, either. But it is important to know that should you get signed to a modeling agency in the USA, you'll have to deal with work permits and visas, since you're not an American citizen. Also, because you are underage, you'll have to have one parent/guardian present with you at all times when you travel/work in the US market. There's a lot of paperwork involved when it comes to working in another country, even if it's just for modeling.

Not all of the models that work for VS are from Elite/Ford in New York but those are currently two of the agencies that VS recruits mainly from. Basically, those are the first places they'll go to and then expand their search to other agencies from there. Some of the VS models that started with Elite/Ford when they were contracted with VS have since gone on to other agencies, which is allowed. So even if some of the VS models are currently with an agency that is not Elite/Ford, they more than likely had Elite/Ford as one of their agents in the beginning or somewhere during the course of their career.

Exceptions to the rule for models that worked for VS but weren't signed with Elite/Ford when they were chosen were made because they were already "supermodels" in their own right, who were already in the spotlight and in demand. This includes Doutzen Kroes and Chanel Iman. For new/inexperienced models, signing directly to Elite/Ford is the most direct way to be considered for VS work.

If you were to win the modeling search and get a contract with NEXT in Canada, that would definitely be a good notch to add to your career/resume, which will definitely impress any client, including VS. But like I stated above, if you aren't already signed to Elite/Ford in New York, you'll have to be a popular model already in demand to catch the eye of a VS recruiter.

Good luck to you!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Dania!
Is it true that you have a greater chance of being signed if you go to the agencies? I heard that if you mail in/submit online you just get deleted. What do they judge you on at the agencies?

Dania Denise said...

Hi, Anonymous! You'll find the answer to your question in its own post, titled "Answering a Reader Question #169." Thanks for reading!