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Friday, September 2, 2011

Answering a Reader Question #190

Anonymous Wrote:

hi dania thanks for answering my question:) the fat on my back is right behind my breast like right below my shoulder blade i hope i explained that well:). i'm frustrated because i dont have a big back as you read my band is pretty small 31.5 so im annoyed with my body it's being too stubborn. i have another question regarding my back I have a huge scar below my left shoulder blade due to childhood surgery. I figure clients wont want to use my back anyway because of that issue so should I be so obsessed with my small pockets of fat?

Hi, and you're welcome! As far as your scar, body makeup can take care of that, so no worries there. I think in your situation as long as you pursue modeling that doesn't involve focusing on that part of your body, I think you'll be fine. For example, regular commercial/print and fashion modeling (depending on the type of outfit) as opposed to swimwear and lingerie. I don't think you need to obsess so much about the small pockets of fat in the area you described on your back--as with most of us, we tend to be the only ones that notice such "flaws." which sometimes leads us to make a bigger issue of it than it probably actually is. :-)

So leave it be for now and continue on with your exercise and healthy eating regimen. Carry yourself as if you have no flaws and you will be perceived as flawless!

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