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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Latest Fashion Show: Bay Area Wedding Fair - San Francisco

I've been doing bridal fashion shows for about two years now and I was very excited for the Fall season, especially for the San Francisco venue, which is the largest and most popular show of the season. The Bay Area Wedding Fair took place last Sunday, September 11 at the Parc 55 Hotel in San Francisco and did not disappoint!

We had a smaller crew of models on hand for this show and I was happy that the accommodations for us were very spacious, compared to smaller venues that the shows are sometimes held at. The team of makeup artists and hair stylists were set up in the changing area for the female models so we had access to their skills throughout the duration of the show. The male models' changing rooms were on the opposite side of the room divider and luckily the stylists agreed to also double up as dressers so we had extra hands available for quick changes.

My call time was 9AM so I got to sleep in for a little bit, which was so lovely since I've been ripping and running for a few weeks straight now! The first thing I did after saying hi to everyone was to check my dresses and make sure the designers brought the right ones. At the last show the zipper on one of my bridal dresses broke and I had to scramble for a replacement in time to get in line to go on stage. I was very happy when I looked in my garment bag and saw that the zipper had been replaced so I didn't have to worry about skipping a dress. Little things like that make life SO much easier during shows!

I decided to get my hair taken care of before makeup since all of the makeup chairs were full. Luckily, one of my best friends and go-to-makeup artists, Sophia, got hired for the event and she promised to let me know when her chair was free. By the time my hair was done, we had to go go through the rehearsal on stage (all models are required to be present at the rehearsal, regardless of whether your makeup and/or hair was done or not). After receiving the lineup/order of models and doing a run through for both shows (there were two shows that day, one for each designer promoting their line), it was back to hair and makeup. Unfortunately, I had to get my hair redone differently since the style originally chosen (long beach waves, which ended up looking frizzy and disheveled) wasn't approved by the model coordinator. Thankfully, they did a much nicer looking up-do with curls and a sparkly headband. But because of the delay with my hair, by the time I got into Sophia's makeup chair, it was almost time to get dressed for the first show. Talk about nerve wreaking! But because I've been doing these shows for so long, I calmed my panic attack, got my foundation, blush and eye liner done, then did a quick change into my first bridal gown and had Sophia finish adding my false lashes and lip color just in time to line up.

The rest of the show was fantastic and went fairly smoothly, although there was one instance where no one was ready to go on stage for one of the scenes after the first model had already gone and even though I was supposed to be the last model according to the lineup sheet, I went out of order to buy time for the other models to change and get on stage. Luckily, that turned out fine and no one in the audience was the wiser!

Here are some flicks I got from the show. I'll be sure to add more as I receive them and hopefully will get some video footage as well:

Dang, I blinked! LOL. With such a large audience, it was bound to happen. Hey, I can't keep my eyes open for pictures the whole time! Walking with my groom, Sam Watson. We did a hilarious skit in the beginning where I walk on stage and sit in the chair that's on the right...when Sam gets on stage I act like I'm totally not interested in him.

Behind the scenes getting my makeup done by one of my BFFs, Sophia Musto. I often hire her for my shoots...she does great work and I knew my face was in good hands! I was also trying to not panic because I was supposed to be getting dressed for the first show!

Modeling a design that's currently for sale at My Day Wedding & Photo Studio, located in San Mateo, California,

Behind the scenes posing in one of my favorite dresses from the second show, which is by Blessed Brides, located in Concord, California.

This time I was paying attention to the right camera, LOL. I wish they had gotten a full body shot because the dress is super cute and short (but in a good way!).

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