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Monday, September 26, 2011

Why I Love Doutzen Kroes

No, it's not because she's this amazingly talented supermodel. I love Doutzen Kroes because she is one of the prime (and my favorite) examples of how to get into the modeling industry without being scouted, "discovered" overnight or by going to a modeling school or convention with the hopes of making it big. Doutzen made it into modeling by simply submitting non-professional, digital snapshots to a modeling agency in her town. Before sending in those photos, she had NO previous modeling experience.

I don't know, but sometimes I think people simply don't believe me when I say the most powerful tool a newbie model has is his/her snapshots. Not a professional portfolio or amazingly retouched images--snapshots! Doutzen Kroes is one of the models who was fortunate enough to make it to supermodel status but getting her foot in the door in the beginning was all thanks to her own efforts to follow the most basic rules for submitting to a modeling agency. Below are the actual snapshots she sent in to an agency called Paparazzi in Amsterdam:

If you've ever emailed me for assistance with your modeling career or had questions about photo submissions, chances are you've seen these photos as attachments with my reply email. You can't go wrong with quality non-professional, digital snapshots, guys and gals!

To further drive the point home, one of the models I've helped along the way in her career, Stephanie, received the same email attachment from me with Doutzen's snapshots and my advice to prepare her agency submission using those images for reference...she sent me her snapshots for approval and feedback and she knocked it out of the park. She is now a working and successful, agency represented model in New York City. Readers, I'm not here to steer you wrong--there is method to my madness and any info I provide is for good reason. :-)

Professional models with established tearsheets and portfolios fall into a different arena when it comes to seeking an agency or switching to new representation, but overall any model can benefit from having up to date snapshots of themselves available for agencies to look at.

For good measure, below are the snapshots for top French male model, Clement Chabernaud (see, I told you fellas that I would try to get more mentions of you in my blog, lol):

To the average person, such photos may not scream "top model" but to the trained eyes of modeling agencies around the world, these simple pictures tell a true model's potential, especially when it comes to the big leagues of being represented professionally in the industry.

So take it from me, put your efforts into producing quality snapshots to send to agencies instead of spending time and money into professional images that more than likely aren't required to submit to agencies in the first place. Do your homework, find out what each agency wants (remember, you can submit to as many as you want) and then prepare your submissions accordingly.


Danielle said...

Is it normal (or better) for women to submit pictures wearing just a bikini? The example pictures, at least on Ford's website, show the model fully clothed. I don't at all mind submitting pictures in a bikini, but I am just curious as to whether it is more beneficial to do so or not?

Dania Denise said...

Hi, Danielle! You'll find the answer to your question in its own post, titled "Answering a Reader Question #199." Thanks for reading!