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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Models, Please Follow Instructions!

Oh, my word, I cannot stress enough how important it is for models of all experience levels to have the ability to follow instructions. As I've said before, good models know how to do this. Another duty that comes with pursuing a modeling career is following all kinds of instructions.

In addition to taking direction from a photographer/client during a shoot, models have to deal with this task when it comes to submitting themselves for castings and putting together submissions to agencies, etc.

In modeling, DETAIL COUNTS! It may seem harsh but again, this is the modeling industry we're talking about and they're not exactly known for being kindhearted.

To a client, photographer and agency, if a model cannot follow simple instructions for sending photos, information and other materials, what makes them think he/she will be able to properly follow instructions given to them on a serious, professional modeling level? We all make mistakes but if you have a tendency to misread instructions or typically go with whatever makes you feel good, chances are you're not going to be very successful in the industry.

Many of the people in modeling are fickle, picky and judgmental. It does not take much for them to completely overlook a model if that individual does not follow the rules. For example, when submitting myself to castings online, I'll make sure to read the entire posting thoroughly. If it's got a lot of instructions, I'll copy and paste the info into a blank document and literally prepare my submission by checking off each item on the instruction list.

I have a great memory but even I don't trust it enough to "think" I'll remember everything I'm supposed to include. This is especially the case when it comes to online submissions. I've looked at castings on sites like Model Mayhem, where the posting specifically states things like, "Do NOT Comment on this posting with your interest. Please message/email the address above." And what do I see? A whole page of comments from models doing exactly that! Arrrrrrggghhhh, it KILLS me! While it obviously gives me an advantage because I know I'll follow instructions, I can't help but think how many of them probably make this a habit and have cost themselves potential gigs because of it.

The recent model search that I'm hosting with the website TIL Darling (www.theonlineclothingboutique.com) has further convinced me that there is a much larger number of models not following instructions than I thought. While I do have a video, which is a few posts behind this one, that explains how to enter the search, we also have online postings on sites like Model Mayhem and Craigslist. We're pretty specific about what we're looking for and even provide a list of instructions for how to prepare the submissions.

One of the most crucial requirements we're asking for is that contestants have LITTLE TO NO MODELING EXPERIENCE. More than half of the email submissions I've received so far are from models that have been modeling PROFESSIONALLY for years...there was even an applicant with 10+ years of experience. The model search asks for little to no experience because a huge portion of the package the winner will receive is one-on-one modeling coaching with me.

If we get an experienced model, that element is completely unnecessary. TIL Darling has expressed their interest in having that behind-the-scenes feel to the contest, which will be recorded as a short webisode series, to show people how a newbie's experience with going from little to no modeling experience to doing a professional shoot happens.

We also asked for 2 photos (1 headshot and 1 full body), both non professional snapshots. We've gotten professional images and people sending more than 2 images. Unfortunately, those submissions will be automatically deleted. As simple as that.

Perhaps this is more of a vent than an informative blog post, LOL, but I am BEGGING YOU, my dear, dear readers that are either currently modeling or thinking about getting into it: for the love of whatever God you believe in, follow those instructions and read everything thoroughly--more than once if necessary! You don't ever want to give anyone the chance to pass you up. If you're going to be a model, be the best and that means knowing how to deliver on everything, not just images.

Okay, I think I can breathe a bit easier now that I've let all this out. ;-)

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I agree with you complteley!
Also do you do other contests like this one?
If so please tell me plase.
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