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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Answering a Reader Question #315

Anonymous Wrote:

Hi Dania, what websites do you use besides MM to find castings and test shoots. I have another question would you be able to take a video camera with you on test shoots so we can see how you perform in front of the camera. 

Hey, Anonymous! In addition to MM, I use Craigslist and a casting website call SF Casting (www.sfcasting.com). I'm also a part of a few model-based groups on Facebook, where members post casting calls for local shoots, shows and other related projects.

I only continue to use Craigslist because I've been using that site for years and know how to tell the legit postings from the shady/crappy ones. Unfortunately, the quality of the postings has gone down the drain in recent years, especially after they got rid of the Adult section and now people are posting for adult oriented stuff under the Talent/Gigs section where it doesn't belong. However, from time to time I do manage to find good castings on there. 

The second site is location specific to the San Francisco Bay Area and surrounding cities. I receive an email alert anytime a project comes up that fits my stats. If I decide to submit to the gig after looking over the details of the project/casting, all I have to do is log onto my profile on SF Casting and click one button and it will send the casting director my portfolio, resume, stats and contact info.

SF Casting has two "sister sites" for the New York market (www.nycasting.com) and Los Angeles market (www.lacasting.com).

It is important that the sites you use to find castings for modeling are location specific or at least designed so that you can do an advanced search for opportunities within your city/state--this is why I like using MM so much. Any site that gives you access to a ton of castings nationwide and that isn't specific to where you live, are generally useless because they have a database of hundreds upon thousands of models all looking for work. These types of setups make it much harder to stand out among the competition and lower your chances of being booked directly.

As far as your other question, I have been planning on doing just that! At this time my schedule is way too busy but I am working on putting together a shoot that will have a video aspect to it as well so you guys can see what it's like for me on-set. I don't know a specific time frame for when it'll happen but rest assured, when I get that up and running, I'll be sure to let you know! :-)

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