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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Quick Tip #37

Category: Castings
For: Male & Female Models

When going in for a casting or go-see, put your cell phone on SILENT--NOT VIBRATE. Sure, "vibrate" doesn't cause your phone to ring but it does still make a sound, especially when it's pressed up against a surface or certain material. The room where the castings and go-sees take place is usually fairly quiet so any noise will be amplified. Do yourself a favor and make it a habit to silence your cell to avoid the possibility of it going off while in front of the client.

While on that same note, do not have your cell phone on you in the middle of your casting/go-see. Ladies, stick your cell in your purse and fellas put it down on the floor, on a table or chair--not your front or back pocket. When the client takes snapshots of you, the last thing they want to see is the outline of your phone pressing through your jeans.

Trust me, you'll survive the short few minutes that castings and go-sees take without having your cell in your hand or pocket. The client should be your priority and you're there to impress them so that you'll get booked. So remember: silence, silence, silence when it comes to cell phones!

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