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Monday, May 28, 2012

Latest Tearsheets: Shoe Catalog

I'm super excited because I'm waiting to get my copy of the shoe catalog I shot a few months ago in the mail.

I haven't done any posts about the Alegria shoot yet because I want to wait until I have the photos and stuff to share in the posts but I've been in contact with the photography, Jay Canter, and he got his copy before mine. He was such a doll and uploaded two of the images from the catalog onto Facebook and tagged me in it.

The lighting isn't great but as you can see, it's me! I'm on the cover and the other photo is from inside of the catalog:

The cover: me (on the left) and my two model gal pals, Jenna and Oasis.

Inside page. Me, Jenna and Oasis in Union Square, SF. The other pic of me is probably the one they're gonna use as the display ads in Nordstrom and Dillard's. I'll find out soon!
What's even more exciting is that the line is supposed to debut in Nordstrom stores this Fall and the image of me wearing the orange/tan dress is going to be displayed as poster ads in the stores!

As if that isn't exciting enough, Jay just told me that Dillard's is also going to be carrying the shoe line, along with my pictures so my ads will be in two major department stores, not to mention the many boutique shoe shops around the globe that carry Alegria shoes!

To say I'm on Cloud 9 would be a huge understatement! Soon as I get my own copy of the catalog and the images they're going to use for the store ads, I'll make sure to share them here and include blog posts of the entire process, from the casting and the shoot to the results...stay tuned!

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