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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Quick Tip #46

Category: Modeling Portfolios
For: Male & Female Models

These days it is best for models to have two kinds of portfolios: online and hard copy. Only operating with one version could put you in a position where you're unprepared.

Scenario 1: if you only have a hard copy portfolio but a client emails you and asks for a link to an online portfolio they can view, you'll have to scramble to get digital versions of your pictures and/or scan the hard copy ones you have, reformat them for the Internet and then upload them to the right site(s).

Scenario 2: if you only have a digital/online portfolio and are about to attending a casting in a day or two but are asked to bring a hard copy portfolio, you'll have to print your pictures out last minute and buy a portfolio case. If you don't have a photo printer you'll have to rely on a place like Kinko's or a drugstore printing kiosk, which may or may not produce the right quality to get you the job.

From the beginning, set up your online and hard copy portfolios, keep them updated and you'll always be prepared at a moment's notice.

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