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Monday, August 4, 2008

Answering a Reader Question #22

Eleni Wrote:

Hi again Dania...
so, I have some more question...[sorry!]!I serched Elite and Ford's websites and I found some information but I didn't understand something!You enroll there,put some information about you and some photos for FREE??You don't pay anything??and is there the possibility to watch at your information and contact with you if you like to them??and then you start modelling career??

Please could you tell me how it works with enrolling at Ford's or Elite's website??

thanks again and sorry for the so many questions! =)

Hi, Eleni!

To answer your questions, yes, that part of the stage is free. Basically, you go to Elite or Ford’s website, and you enter your information (statistics, contact info, etc.), and upload the photos they ask for and then you send it off…all at no cost! And if they like your look, then the agency will contact you for an interview and if they really like you at the interview, they’ll offer you a modeling contract!

Remember, it doesn’t cost any money to sign with a legit and reputable agency. There should be no upfront fees and you must have a signed contract with them before they can ask you to pay for anything like a portfolio.

So, yes, feel free to send your info and pictures to Elite and Ford for free and see what happens. I didn’t really understand the second part of your question about watching your information and contacting if you like them…? Sorry, lol! But if they are interested, they will contact you. They normally suggest not contacting them so you’ll have to play the waiting game for a while. Hope that helps and never apologize for having questions…I love answering them so keep them coming if you have more!

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