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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Sending Pictures to a Modeling Agency: Professional or Non-Professional, Which is It?

There is still some debate as to whether or not aspiring models should send non-professional photos or professional photos to modeling agencies in hopes of seeking representation.

My personal and professional opinion: non-professional photos all the way. There are some that may disagree with me, and that’s fine, but I will speak for a bit about this topic and why I suggest non-pro over pro.

In all my time researching and being a part of the modeling industry, 99% of all agency websites I’ve looked at specifically requested that aspiring/new models send in non-professional photos. Some even went as far as to say that those who sent in professional pictures would not be looked at. Case and point.

When in doubt, go with what the agency states on their site or when you speak to them. No two agencies are the same so of course there are going to be instances where professional photos may be required but the majority of the time, all they simply want are snapshots. That means a digital camera, someone with a steady hand, and the right photos.

Why would a regular snapshot be more impressive to a modeling agency than a professional one? Think about it: just about anyone can look fabulous once you add makeup, hair styling, lighting techniques, professional photography and Photoshop…and I mean anybody. Agencies don’t care about that—they’ll see more than enough professional photos of you once you’ve been signed and start working. They see true talent when a girl or guy can rock a digital snapshot without the fancy tricks, lighting, and makeup.

If you can look gorgeous with no makeup in a snapshot, that’s what an agency will notice. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard horror stories of agencies and clients loving a girl or guy’s picture, only to see them in person—and they look NOTHING like the photo! How they think they can get away with this, I’ll never know, but it happens. So requiring non-professional photos is a quick way around that.

Now, the ONLY time most (notice I didn’t say “all”) modeling agencies will request professional photo submissions is if you are currently a model already with representation who may be seeking a new agent or a professional freelance model that has been getting work but now seeks agency representation.

They state it pretty specifically on their websites. In this situation, of course it helps to submit professional photos because then they can look at your portfolio and body of work to see if you’re worth representing. New models don’t have that advantage so the picture requirements are slightly different.

This is why I stress doing your research on agencies you want to submit to. Don’t make the mistake of doing a pro photoshoot first and then planning on sending those images if you are a new model. Find out what is needed first and then take action.

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