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Monday, August 4, 2008

Answering a Reader Question #23

Eleni Wrote:

ooohh...thanks...you make me really confident!another thing...what exactly is the portfolio??the Comp/Zed card??and if they contact me and tell me to go to New York for example,I'll pay the plane and all my expenses?[normally yes,right??]

1.000.000 thanks again!!

You’re very welcome, Eleni! =) To answer your questions…

A portfolio is the main body of work that a model has done…portfolios are either shown online in a photo gallery on the agency’s website or printed and displayed in a portfolio case, also called a model’s “book.” New models put their first photoshoot pictures in it to show to clients that want to hire them. Once a model has started booking shoots, they then add the photos from the publications (called tearsheets) into the portfolio. It is basically the model’s resume of work. No model can get work without a good portfolio.

To learn more about comp/zed cards, check out this link to a post I did about the topic in detail. You’ll find all your answer there: Comp/Zed Cards.

As far as traveling, yes, you’ll have to pay your own way since you’d be coming from overseas, however, it would be a great shot and well worth the money to potentially be discovered and signed.

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