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Monday, August 4, 2008

Myspace as a Model Marketing Tool

It seems that everyone is a “model” on Myspace nowadays. However, with all the flack and ridicule it gets, Myspace is still a viable option for promoting yourself and your modeling career, whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned pro. All the major models and supermodels have their own Myspace pages, as well as the local and unknown models.

Of course not all girls who are on Myspace with model pages are what I would call “real models.” Many of them just take really good photos but don’t make a living off of it or generate any real income. And that’s fine, that’s them. But what I’m here to talk about with this post is how to use Myspace effectively as a marketing tool to get your name out there.

First, decide on a good layout. I recommend using a custom one that has your photo in the main background. Or you can use a Flash template (lovemyflash.com) to create a really cool layout. But note when you use a Flash template, it takes longer to load the page so for people trying to access your profile on an older, slower computer, this can take forever and may discourage them.

Add a slideshow if you want but don’t go crazy and post too many photos on your main profile page…it gets annoying and can be an eyesore. Once you have the layout complete, now it’s time to choose your photos. Create albums and separate your photos accordingly. Choose simple captions for your images and also include the name of the photographer.

Be professional when filling out the personal information, likes, hobbies, etc. Please no funky typing with half all caps and half all lowercase. No large amounts of slang, shorthand typing (you’re not texting!), and no foul language. While you may have your friends and other buddies viewing your page, you can also have potential clients checking you out as well. Keep it clean.

If you choose to add music that’s fine but choose a song that you wouldn’t be ashamed to have your parents or a total stranger listen to. There are plenty of songs I love but if it’s got foul lyrics or whatever, it’s not going on my page. Actually, I stopped putting songs on my page because of a past radio interview I did.

The radio host went to view my Myspace page as we were talking on-air and the music on my page came blasting through…it scared the crap out of him, me and I’m sure all the listeners! I apologized and it was all good, but still…learn from my lesson and skip out on having music on your profile.

Myspace is a great way to introduce people to you, your modeling career, and to keep them updated on what projects you’re working on. Not only should your friends and family be added to your friends list, but fans as well. Yes, you can have fans without being a household name.

You’d be surprised how cool many fans are—mostly guys of course for female models and vice-versa—who look up to you like a celebrity. These are the people who will vote for you in any modeling contest, purchase anything that has you on it, and will always send over kind words of support. The blog feature is also great for keeping people up to speed on the daily happenings in your life.

Of course you will get weirdoes and maybe some stalker types on there but the great thing is that Myspace has lots of features that let you block profiles. Never give your personal contact information or address to anyone on Myspace unless it’s a bona fide client or photographer.

Update your Myspace modeling photos often. Anytime you get into something new, post about it on your Myspace. The more often people see new content on your page, they’ll get the idea that you are serious. Not only are there famous supermodels on Myspace, there are modeling agencies with Myspace profiles, too! I’m sure you’ve come across them. Ford is one of the latest to merge with Myspace to conduct their annual “Supermodel of the World” contest.

Agencies now make it easier than ever to find out how to submit photos and you can add them to your friends list to keep updated on what’s new with them. Of course there are some fake/copycat profiles out there, so do your best to only add the ones that seem genuine.

When adding a modeling agency to your friends list, also check out their friends lists. Many of them have the top models, stylists, photographers, magazines, and other industry professionals on their pages so shoot them a friend request, too! This is Internet networking at its best. Heck, if you want to be Myspace friends with me, shoot me a friend request!

So what are the chances that you’ll be “discovered” on Myspace? I have no idea…that’s something you’ll have to put in the time and effort to find out on your own. But even if you don’t get scouted online by a modeling agency, I can guarantee that you’ll find a following of devoted fans that will make you feel like a supermodel. Remember Tila Tequila?

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Great advice for using Myspace as a marketing tool. It can be valuable for male and female models wanting to get some exposure and now you've shown how to make the page "professional".

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