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Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Beauty of the Modeling Business Card

As a model, comp/zed cards are a part of the industry. These serve as your calling card or business card, which lists your stats, contact info and your photos. Agencies use this as an easy way for clients to see who you are and what projects you'd be ideal for.

However, for freelance models and agency represented models who also find their own work, you may want to look into having a regular business card for your modeling endeavors.

While comp cards are perfect for the industry, they are usually pretty large in size (much larger than a business card). Most agency represented models don't deal with the comp cards unless they bring them to a casting or go-see, and the agencies tend to keep them at the office.

So what are you to do when you're on your own and see a great potential for networking or come across a client you really want to work with? Handing them a comp card is one solution but like I mentioned above, they are awkwardly sized and can be a nuisance to carry around. This is where the business card comes in handy.

The standard business card size is 2"x3.5", which is perfect for sticking into a wallet or pocket for safekeeping. Of course you can't fit all the same content onto a business card that you would a comp card but that's okay. All you need to do is make sure you've got a good headshot on one side and you can include a full body shot or other image on the other side.

Also make sure to include your name, stats (optional but ideal), and contact info (you may want to avoid putting your phone number. An email address is fine or the number of your booking agent if you have one). Just as there are a number of ways to do the layout for a comp card, you can design your business card to fit your needs. Freelance models will find this especially helpful.

Many printing companies allow you to upload your own designs or you can build it using their premade templates. It's up to you. I personally love using business cards and have not really relied on my comp cards at all. After each photoshoot I do, I hand them out to the photographer, stylist and whoever else should need it.

A business card can be just the solution you need for getting your name and face out there to the right people at a price that won't break your wallet.

(In case you're interested in having a modeling business card done, I personally design and print business cards through my art business, DDM Creations (and for a fairly affordable price, too, much more affordable than the competition). I'm a Photoshop whiz so all you'd need to do is provide me with your images and what information and fonts you'd like. I can also upload and order your cards for you online and have them shipped directly to your address. So in a sense, all you have to do is wait for your business cards to arrive! If you're interested in this, shoot me an email--see my main profile page for my personal email address)

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