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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Answering a Reader Question #12

Troy Wrote:

Hi, i hope you can respond to my question. i'm an aspiaring male model, and although i'm sure it'll be different, i was wondering if you knew how to search for modeling gigs without an agent. i'm not saying i'm gonna be amazing all on my own, but i would like a few shoots under my belt before i go to an agency, just so they see i have some experience. i really want your opinion on this at least if you can't help me.

There are a few ways you can go about being a freelance model, although let me say first that most modeling agencies do not care if you have previous experience or not. When submitting photos, many state they want non-professional photos but there are others that willingly accept your own modeling headshot. It varies from agency to agency. So if you are concerned about impressing an agency, just know that you don't have to have done shoots before or have your own portfolio. You'd be just fine submitting non-pro pix (headshot, full body, etc) or as stated on each agency's website. Just a thought.

However, if you want to go ahead and freelance first, by all means go ahead. Do what you feel works best for you. In regards to freelance, I highly suggest using online modeling network communities. ModelMayhem.com is a great one that I've found extremely useful. It's free to sign up for an account, where you can post your photos, stats, and network with professional photographers in your area and from all over. Model Mayhem (often referred to as MM) is great because in addition to being able to search for photographers, models, stylists and hair/makeup artists, there is also a great castings section where you can search and submit for freelance modeling gigs, both paid and non-paid. Many aspiring models use MM to find photographers to do test shoots with in order to build and update portfolios. So this works in your favor greatly.

Until you get more familiar with the industry and have shot with a couple of people, only then would I suggest using Craigslist to look for modeling jobs. I stress not using Craigslist to find modeling agencies but the Talent section under Gigs on there has a handful of great modeling jobs you can apply to, with no need for an agent. I've found some of my best gigs and clients through Craigslist but it's not for new, naive or inexperienced models. Do your research first and know how the process works and then use Craigslist. But with MM and Craigslist combined, you can find your own fair share of work through freelance modeling.


ki~ki said...

So, Dania
I have a open call today, I got my head shots and 3/4 shots ready and a pair of heels. I also have been doing a lot of excersing with my boyfriend and eating healthier. We did a lot of running. So, before I go today is there any advice you can give me???????????????????
Thanks Again

Dania Denise said...

Hey, Ki-Ki!

You’ll find your question answered in a new post, titled, “Answering a Reader Question #13.”=)