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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Modeling Opportunity for Florida Models

There is a great site called GreatGlam.com that sells really sexy and fashionable clothing and accessories online. You can see their ads on popular sites like Myspace. If you live in Florida, GreatGlam.com is looking for models, both pro and aspiring to model their fashions, which appear on their website.

They are looking to hire models for $40/hour, which each shoot lasting between 2-3 hours. The hours are flexible and you have the chance to pick up more work when other models aren’t available. It’s a great chance to build a portfolio and get exposure, plus experience of course!

Your face isn’t always shown in the photos since they want to emphasize the clothes but for promo purposes and online ads, your face will be visible. This is great for models that live in or near Brandon, Florida, which is just outside of Tampa. Note that for models who live further, they don’t compensate for gas or travel but welcome those who don’t live in Brandon.

To take advantage of this opportunity, you’ll have to meet ALL of the following requirements:

- At least 18 years of age

- Hair at least shoulder length (yours or extensions--doesn't matter as long as in the photo your hair will look longer at least shoulder length)

- Good skin tone (no wrinkling, no sunspots, no signs of aging, no multiple prominent tattoos that would be very visible in the photos, no body freckles, large visible scars and no body acne)

- A great well-proportioned figure

- You must be able to model clothing that you can't wear a bra underneath without looking saggy and still have a full cleavage without a bra as many of the styles do not allow for a bra to be worn underneath

- You also must have a flat smooth toned stomach (no rolls, muffin tops, back fat, love handles, stretch marks, etc) as many of the styles are belly revealing.
- Between the sizes of 0 and 5. If you are bigger than a size 5 you won't be able to fit into the size small that is modeled

- Not at all shy- some of our styles are very revealing

If you are eligible and meet all the requirements, send the following information to dantin21@yahoo.com(Please make the subject of the email: Model job application):

Include as many recent full length and headshot photos of yourself as possible (they do not need to be professional at all we just want an idea of your shape). Photos of yourself in clothes similar to what we sell are preferable. The pictures do NOT need to be professional. We actually prefer candid photos that have not been photoshopped or edited.

You can send more than one email if needed to include more photos—the more photos the better—there is no limit on the number of photos you can send.

Include in the body of your email:

1. Your name and age
2. A contact phone number
3. The city that you live in
4. Your availability to shoot (please be very specific)
5. If you have any tattoos or scars that might be visible in our shots please
describe them and their location
6. Your bust, waist, and hip measurements (please approximate if you are not sure)
7. The size clothing and bra size that you wear
8. Your current height and weight
9. Your current hair color and length

If you are selected we'll ask you to come in for a test shoot that will take roughly one hour and you will be paid 40 dollars for the time. If selected as our regular model you'd come in 2 to 3 hours per week.

Go to this link to get the rest of the details and to check out the site itself: www.greatglam.com/modeljob.cfm.

Good luck and I hope to see you on the GreatGlam.com site one day!

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