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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Mind Your Hands!

Unless you’re doing a parts gig or modeling jewelry, the condition of your hands is often forgotten. For any photoshoot, you can expect your hands to make an appearance or two so it helps to actually make sure your hands and fingernails are camera-ready as well as your face, hair, and the rest of your body.

Nothing looks worse than a great shot with gross looking fingernails and/or hands. You should make sure your hands are properly moisturized. Use a good quality hand cream or lotion. Carry a small tube in your purse so you’re always ready.

If you get your nails done regularly, make sure they are appropriate for your shoot. Be mindful whether your acrylic covered fingernails are going to complement or clash with the theme of your upcoming shoot. Unless specified, keep your fingernails clear and free of color and fancy designs. If you want to wear nail polish, choose a color that works with the outfits you’ll be wearing.

Even if you don’t get manicures, there are ways to take care of your nails without going to the salon. Make sure your cuticles are in good shape and aren’t suffering from unsightly hangnails. Sporting your natural fingernails? Then keep them properly filed, shaped and clean.

This is my fingernail maintenance routine that I do a few hours before my shoot or the morning/night before:

- Cut, file and shape nails.
- Clean out any gunk under my fingernails (I may also do this just before the shoot to be on the safe side).
- Soak in warm water and dry to remove dust from filing.
- Moisturize with lotion/hand cream.
- Apply clear coat polish, dry, and I’m set!

This small step definitely worked in my favor when I did my jewelry shoot. The makeup artist was amazed that I actually did my nails (apparently she’s dealt with many models that had pretty gross fingernails) and they photographed perfectly, especially for the shots where my hand was next to my face in tight shots.

Can you imagine what it would have looked like had I not worried about my fingernails? Ick. Even just applying clear coat nail polish to your fingernails before your shoot will work if you’re pressed for time.

What about your toes? I prefer to have my toes done at a salon where I get French tips. It’s clean, fresh and goes with any outfit no matter what color. The guidelines are the same for feet/toes as they are for the hands/fingernails. Choose a color that works for any outfit or go au naturale and make sure to moisturize. Ashy feet have no place in pictures!

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