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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Latest Photoshoot - Jewelry

So I got the images back from my jewelry shoot. I had such an amazing time! To date, this is probably one of the most fun and memorable shoots I've ever done! These are the images I'll be showing to Ford to be considered for use in my updated portfolio and to hopefully turn my career more towards beauty and jewelry. I really feel I have a lot of strengths that would serve to get me booked for this type of work.

I know for a fact that Ford actually prefers a more natural look to their models for commercial so I don't intend on showing them every single photo from the shoot and I'm sure they'll probably think the ones with the Indian style jewelry will be too overboard but I'm sure that the ones with the orange top and the diamond ones will be more to their tastes.

I've also turned some of the images into downloadable wallpapers, which you can get on my Myspace page and will soon be on www.wallpaperbase.com under "female celebrities."

Here's some of my favorite ones from the shoot (Thanks to photographer David Quinn & makeup artist/hair stylist and wardrobe stylist, Rachelle Dalton--looking forward to many more shoots together!):

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