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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Answering a Reader Question #8

Anonymous Wrote:

How does one start commercial/print modeling?

The same way you start any type of modeling, my dear: you find local agencies within your area that represent commercial/print models. You should stick to agencies that are no further than a 2 hour drive from where you live. On agency websites they will state what types of models they represent. Make sure they list "commercial/print" as one of them. While the height is more geared towards "shorter" models, there is still a requirement. Ideally the height range for a commercial/print model is between 5'5"-5'7". You can get lucky like me if you're 5'4" as long as you find an agency that likes your look. They'll easily fudge your height to 5'5".

If you have no experience, that's fine. Don't spend money on professional photos, modeling schools or classes. At this stage you don't need them. What you need is to find an agency that will help you jump start your modeling career. Go to open casting calls, get snapshots of a headshot, 3/4 body shot and full body shot, as well as any other photos the agency wants to see. They will state all this in detail on their website so follow their guidelines and you'll be set to go.

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