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Monday, June 9, 2008

Lingerie/Swimwear & Underage Models (Parents Please Read)

This post is mostly to educate parents of underage models operating without an agent. When it comes to modeling swimwear and lingerie, please know that these models must be 18 or older. No underage model should ever be sought out to do such work—and clients know this.

I’ve seen postings on online model casting sites where for some reason, the client or photographer is requesting girls age 16-19 for such assignments (18 & 19 are fine but any age under that is a huge no-no).

It disturbs me that ANYONE would think that such a request is actually appropriate or allowed on the site. Whenever I see such posts, I make sure to make a complaint or flag the post down. Just doing my part to steer models from those with ulterior motives.

That being said, parents, if you are helping your child in her modeling career and come across castings for swimwear, make sure to exercise caution or steer clear of it altogether. When it comes to swimwear, unless the client is legit and the swimwear is age appropriate (think department store juniors stuff, Wal-Mart or Limited Too), you should not submit your daughter to such gigs.

Lingerie is absolutely out of the question. If you don’t know this by now, well, now you know! Just about every girl with dreams of modeling wants to be a Victoria’s Secret model. While that’s all well and good, note that all of those models are definitely adults.

No modeling agency will submit your child for such work if they are not of age so for agency represented underage models, this won’t be much of a concern. But for freelance underage models out there, don’t rush into this type of work if you don’t meet the legal age requirements. It is illegal and if you come across someone breaking this rule, you don’t want to be involved.

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