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Monday, June 2, 2008

Modeling & the Thong

So this shouldn't be a long post, however given my natural long-winded writing style, I can't make any promises!

Ah, the thong. Parents, don't be scared by this simple item of clothing (especially you Dads out there!). I'm not encouraging young girls to run out and grab a pair to be a sex symbol like Sisqo's famous, "Thong Song." I'm merely broaching the subject as it relates to the modeling industry.

The thong plays an essential role in modeling jobs, especially in fashion and runway shows. While the thong has quickly become associated with sex, trust me, in this respect, it's all legit and for good reason. There is no place for unsightly panty lines in photos or on the runway.

Not all models wear pants or bottoms that can conceal such lines. When you're wearing silk, rayon, thin cotton or other sleek materials, panty lines are a surefire way to ruin the entire look. That being said, a thong--preferably a nude colored one--is a must have item for models, no matter what age. If you are an underage fashion/runway model, you'll want to get used to wearing thongs...they'll be required on the runway and in shoots.

For many wearing a thong is as easy of a decision as deciding what you want to wear in the morning but there are those who can't stand them. For parents of underage models, this is just another part of the "uniform" that must be involved for practical purposes. Your daughter will not become a Maxim model because she has to wear a thong.

I may seem over-dramatic with this post but you'd be surprised how some people's attitudes towards thongs are pretty negative. As with anything you get involved with, there are some things you'll just have to deal with. Thongs are one of them. Every model should have a nude, black and white colored thong. And they don't have to be the lacy, racy kind from Victoria's Secret. A simple, plain, cotton thong will do.

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