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Monday, March 5, 2012

Answering a Reader Question #327

Ashley Wrote:


I know my days as VS model are about as likely as seeing an elephant fly (dumbo does not count) seeing as how I stand at a whooping 5'3...But I've been a working free lance model in Canada for about 3 years now. However I am moving to Washington in a couple of weeks and am wondering how I should start things out there.
How do I start to get established out in the big city?? 

Hi, Ashley! I don't know if you're talking about Washington State or Washington, D.C., but in either case, your best bet would be to look into social networking sites to see what photographers are in the area you'll be moving to and networking to see what opportunities are available. You can use Facebook to look up the business profiles of photographers and other modeling pros (makeup artists, wardrobe and hair stylists, local designers, etc.) that are based out of the area you plan on moving to. Send them a friend request and a brief message, introducing yourself and letting them know that you would love to network with them and be considered for any castings where they may be in need of models.

The same goes for other social networking sites like Model Mayhem and One Model Place--these types of sites also have Castings sections where you can look for paying work according to city and state, which can help you find opportunities to submit to in order to begin working officially in your new location. 

It's all about researching who is doing what in the area as it relates to modeling and connecting with those individuals so that they know who you are and what services you have to offer as a model.

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