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Monday, March 5, 2012

Answering a Reader Question #328

Anonymous Wrote:

Question for Dania:

Hey girl,

I'm wondering what my options are for modeling. I've been told my whole life it's something I should look into and I'm finally starting to consider it! I am 20 years old, 5'11'' and about 140 lbs. Just last summer I started counting calories and exercising (already lost between 25-30 lbs!) and I am expecting to continue with this routine and probably lose a little more weight. The only thing I am SUPER self-conscious about are my stretch marks. They're only on my hips but I've had them since my growth spurt at 12. What do you think my options are?

Also, how would I go about submitting photos to agencies? I don't have any professional pictured and can't afford to hire someone right now to take some for me. In this case, would I just take my own photos on a self-timer? What type of poses/how what I go about doing this?

Thanks so much! 

Hey there, Anonymous! At your height you are ideal for fashion and runway. Although 20 is late to start it doesn't mean you can't still be considered by an agency...many set the age limit at 21 or 22 so you're still eligible in that sense. The main factor that will determine whether or not a fashion agency would be interested in signing you would be your measurements, which you didn't list. However, you did mention that you're in the process of slimming down so that's a good thing (as long as you are doing so in a healthy way!).

The industry standard for its fashion models is 34-24-34 (bust, waist and hips in inches). You can be smaller but no larger than one inch in any of those areas so the largest you could technically be is 35-25-35.

Your stretch marks won't be an issue if they can easily be covered up with body makeup. If they are minimal and not excessive, that will also work in your favor.

New models like yourself do not need professional photos or a portfolio to submit to agencies. They will ask you to send in non-professional, digital snapshots. These should always be taken by another person (no self taken pics). These pictures should be indoors against a plain white or other light colored wall that is free from any distractions (picture frames, etc.) and that has good lighting. Do not pose in these snapshots...simply have your arms resting comfortably at your sides...the most you can do is put one hand on your hip. Do not wear socks or shoes in your photos. You can choose to wear dark skinny jeans and a solid colored, form fitting tank top or t-shirt or an age-appropriate swimsuit.

Most agency websites will tell you what types of snapshots to send them and many also include photo examples to use for reference. Only send the snapshots each agency asks for specifically and follow any instructions given. Not all agencies ask for the same thing so prepare each submission accordingly.

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