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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Quick Tip #40

Category: Communications
For: Male & Female Models

When submitting yourself to castings for modeling assignments, follow the instructions listed in the post. If no specific instructions are given, send the client a message to ask about the details and how you can be considered for their project. Never tell a client that they should contact you and leave it at that. If a client posts that they are looking for models, that means you need to contact them, not the other way around.

On sites like Facebook and Model Mayhem, where you're allowed to post a public reply, I'll often see models telling clients who have posted gigs to "message me" or "contact me." Models that are truly serious will initiate the business relationship by messaging/contacting the client directly with their inquiry. Telling a client to contact you gives the impression that you're too busy/important to drop them a line. To me, it comes off as being pretentious/self-important--even if that was not the intention.

Unless you're a supermodel or very well known otherwise, why would you require a potential client to chase you down? If you didn't need the work, you wouldn't be looking for modeling gigs on casting sites, right? Humble yourself and take the first step.


Anonymous said...

Hey Dania,
I am an aspiring model and basically here is my position. I am turning 18 in April and have been preparing for a trip to New York in June. I have zero modeling experience besides my own "photoshoots" of family members taking pictures of me. I am 5'8 117 lbs. hips 32 waist 26 bust 29. I live in Indiana and don't have time or money for local agents. I work 50 hours a week and study modeling all the time. I want to go to New York and go to open calls and castings for top agencies and see what happens. I have a great personality and a lot of modeling knowledge from the internet and such, but like I said no experience. I would love to sign to ford, elite, or IMG and of course do runway. I know this industry is competitive but i think other qualities I have will make up for my height. I am not cocky just confident and being positive towards reaching my goals and I was wondering what you thought about my random trip to New York and if it is realistic or what my chances were? Do I just bring polaroids to open calls? Do you know the process after being signed with a top agency from NYC is like? I know if I can get signed I will network my way to bigger things, but I want to be as prepared as possible for this trip so I don't screw up. lol Do you know what the open calls are like in NYC, or questions they might ask me? Especially being a "newbie" will they try and trick me? Anything you can think of that will help me I would really appreciate! I am glad I found this blog because you have experience and internet only provides so much. lol

Dania Denise said...

Hi, Anonymous! Thanks for the video reply! :-)

I'll be able to shoot my video response to your questions on Monday (3/19) and should be able to have it uploaded here on my blog by Tuesday (3/20) at the latest. Just wanted to let you know so that you didn't think I'd forgotten about you. So hang in there and I'll get my video reply to ya soon!

Dania Denise said...

Hi, Anonymous! Thanks for your patience...you'll find the answers to your questions in its own post, titled "Answering a Reader Question Video Reply #4."