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Friday, March 16, 2012

Answering a Reader Question #333

Anonymous Wrote:

Thank you for your post but I must ask-how does one become a fit model? 

Hey, Anonymous! There are two ways to get into fit modeling: through an agent or on your own, which is known as freelance modeling.

Once a model gets signed to an agency, they'll take the model's complete measurements and if their stats match the requirements of any clients looking for fit models, they'll submit them for the gig.

Clients in need of fit models also post on sites like Craigslist, casting agency sites and other online resources, which allows freelance models to submit themselves for consideration. 

Because this type of modeling simply involves trying on the garments, you do not need to have modeling or fit modeling experience so even a person that's new to the industry could get hired for this type of work as long as their measurements are a match. You don't need professional photos, either. Snapshots that clearly show your body shape in fitted clothing will do. If hired or being considered, the client will invite you to a casting where they'll have you try on various clothing items. From there they'll decide whether or not to hire you officially.

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