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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Answering a Reader Question #334

Deanna Wrote:

Hi Dania! :)

I just applied to be a ford model the other day (through their website) and they replied to me the next day! (which was super exciting haha)
now they're asking me to send in more pictures wearing a bikini and more profile shots, as well as my runway walk
I really want to make a good impression so do you have any tips for me? :)
thank you so much! 

Hey, Deanna! Kudos on hearing back from Ford right away...that's awesome! :-)

In regards to the additional photos you'll be sending, here are some quick tips:

- Wear little to no makeup...whatever look you had in your first set of pictures you sent them, stick with that.
- Choose an age appropriate swimsuit style that is one solid color that flatters your skin tone (no logos, brand names, images or other distracting patterns on it)
- Don't wear heels/shoes or socks. You'll want to be barefoot.
- Don't pose in these pictures...at the most you can put one hand on your hip.

For the runway walk, do you mean they're requesting video of you doing your runway walk or are they inviting you to an interview to do your walk for them? Either way, make sure that you're practicing as much as possible. The more you do your walk at home, the more comfortable you'll be in the way your body moves. You'll also be more confident doing it in front of them or in front of a video camera. You'll want to make sure you're wearing dark skinny jeans, heels (4 inches is ideal) and a form fitting, solid colored t-shirt or tank top...also have your hair pulled back into a low ponytail with little to no makeup.

Here are some links to my blog posts that will help you with the runway walk:

The Runway Walk

Helpful Tutorial for Learning the Runway Walk

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I hope that helps and I wish you the best of luck!

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