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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Answering a Reader Question #356

Anonymous Wrote:


I have a question about digital tearsheets. I know you said to take a screen cap of the page with the info, but what do I do when my photos appear on the bottom of the page where the info can't be seen if I screen cap it?


Hi, Anonymous! The screen cap function captures whatever is one your computer's screen at the moment. So what you'll want to do is first scroll down to the bottom of the website where your images are and then do the screen cap. When you paste it into a blank document in Photoshop, you'll see that it will have captured that part of the site.

Depending on the size of the image, you might have to zoom in or out on the actual page so that when you do the screen cap, it won't appear too small or vice-versa. If you're using a PC with Windows 7, you can zoom in and out on any website page by pressing CTRL and then tapping the "+" or "-". Each time you tap the plus or minus key, the screen image will zoom more or zoom less.


Anonymous said...

Thanks! In order to get the photos large enough to see, when I screen cap, you can't see the name of the website though? Is that ok? Or should I do two screen caps?

Dania Denise said...

It's fine to do just the one screen cap even if it leaves off the name of the website. What's important are the images. That's why it's also useful for models to have a resume to document the names of the sites/clients they've worked with.