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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Answering a Reader Question #357

Beatrizg1999 Wrote:

Hi Diana..well i just googled "am i too old to model at 31?" and you link came up and it is very imformative, thank you! so at 31 i am well aware that i am too old to have a successful modeling career but im still holding on to this dream! I am 5'11, 130 lbs, Mexican with very exotic features...Everywhere i go i hear people whisper shes a model, or people come up to me and ask me if im a model and when i say "i wish!" they say well you should be. I am very into fashion, love taking pictures and am very photogenic...How can i go about doing something in the industry? modeling is on my bucket list and life is too short! i need just one run way, one photo shoot!!!!! i NEED it! 

Hey, Beatrizg1999! At 31 you are too old for traditional fashion/runway/editorial modeling BUT you are not too old to do lifestyle/commercial/print. Even though you have the height for fashion, agencies won't consider you for this type of work because their age cut off is usually 22-23.

What you'll want to do if you still wish to pursue modeling, is to seek out agencies within a 2 hour's drive from where you live that represent any or all of the following categories: lifestyle, mature, commercial/print. These types of modeling are ideal for individuals that have model looks but are over the age of 25. Examples of projects agencies with these divisions could send you out for include--but are not limited to--catalogs, brochures, billboards, product packaging, etc. So do an online search for agencies in your area and refer to their official websites for instructions on the requirements and how you can send them your submission materials.

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