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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Answering a Reader Question #359

Anonymous Wrote:

hi Dania I have a question that i've been thinking to ask you for a while but i just got around to it haha so i sent in pics to ford again after they asked for more and now I have an appointment with ford next week and I just wanted to know what to expect so I don't go in not knowing what's gonna happen...
thank you! :)

Hey, Anonymous! Congrats on your upcoming appointment with Ford...very exciting! Your interview will be very simple in nature. While I don't know exactly what will happen, here is what you more than likely can expect: you'll meet with one or more of the Ford staff and have a sit-down meeting, where they'll ask you basic questions to see what your personality is like. Some of the questions they might ask could include stuff like:

- "Tell us a bit about yourself."
- "What are your hobbies?"
- "What are you studying in school?"
- "Why do you want to be a model?"
- "What are your strengths/weaknesses?"
- "How do you handle rejection?"
- "What are your plans/goals for the future?"

If you're trying to do fashion/runway, they'll ask you to do a basic runway walk for them. They won't expect it to be perfect--they just want to see how your body moves and they'll provide feedback afterwards. Before leaving, they'll probably also take Polaroids of you that they'll keep along with your information.

Contact Ford if you have any specific questions about what you should wear, bring, etc. if they haven't already emailed you with this info. Because you have an appointment with them already set, it's okay to contact them to ask those questions. Good luck to you!

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