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Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Add Some Music to Your Life!

Noting gets me in the mood to pose/shoot like having music playing. If you've been having difficulty trying to relax or get comfortable enough to let loose during a shoot, I highly recommend putting together a mix CD to play while you're shooting.

No matter what kind of music you like, having a familiar element around will help you remain calm and focused, and it gives you something to move to so that your poses come naturally. Giselle plays classical music during her shoots. I have different mix CDs, and depending on the moood/theme/look I'm trying to create, that's the CD I'll choose.

I'm more partial to R&B and Hip Hop, simply because the beats are very edgy, sexy and seductive. I don't pay attention to the lyrics, but tune in to the base line and the overall groove. If I'm doing a shoot where I need to feel sexy, I'll play my "Model Mixx Vol. 1 'The Take Over'", which is actually my favorite one so far. It has songs like "Black Sweat" by Prince, "Tell Me" by Diddy & Christina Aguilera, "She Wants to Move" by N.E.R.D. and a bunch of other great songs. The feel this particular mix CD has to it is total sex appeal with attitude. When the beat drops on this CD, my mindset is: this is my world and I'm going to take it over--hence the name of the CD.

If I'm going for a more subtle and seductive theme, I'll pop in Janet Jackson, Maxwell and Robin Thicke. It all depends on however you're feeling and what music brings out the best in you.

When using music, make sure to ask the photographer first if it's okay. The type of music you like may not be the photographer's favorite and for others the music may be too distracting. Of course you should always try shooting without music first to see how you feel and there will be times when music will not be an option so you may as well get used to it. But when you are able to use music in the background, do it...it may bring out poses or an attitude you never knew you had!

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