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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The Go-See

A Go-See is actually what it sounds like: you go to see a client that is interested in booking you for a gig, whether it's a photo shoot for their brand/company, a runway show, etc.

It's important that once you know the date and time for your go-see, that you arrive early with plenty of time to spare. Give yourself plenty of time to get gas, run errands or get lost trying to find the place.

There have been many times when I've left super early if I had to go somewhere that I wasn't familiar with. It makes you feel a whole lot better when you're lost and driving in circles, to know that soon as you find your way, you'll still have a good half hour or so before your actual appointment time.

There is no excuse for you to show up late to a go-see. That's one way to lose a booking right away, not to mention that it makes a bad first impression.

When you meet the client, be polite and personable. Give him or her a firm handshake and a genuine smile. They will ask you a few questions to get to know you and familiarize themselves with your work. They will look over your portfolio to get a good idea of the type of work you've done, as well as the different types of looks/themes you can pull off.

They will have you try on some of their outfits and have you do your runway walk in front of them. This is so they can see how you move and if you've got the attitude and personality they are looking for. Before you leave, they'll also take a few snapshots of you for reference. Don't worry about these photos having to look glamorous--they only need them so that they can place a name with a face--you're not the only model they're seeing that day!

And that's it. If the client likes what they see, you'll be booked for the job. When you attend a go-see, wear comfortable clothes that suit your style, but don't wear anything too flashy or that takes away from your face or physical appearance. You'll be changing clothes anyway so just dress to impress but don't go overboard.

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