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Monday, March 12, 2007

Age and Modeling

There is such a thing as being too young. In the beginning, agents were scouting girls as young as 13 to become top models, but when it comes to submitting yourself, the situation may be a little different.

When an agent scouts someone, that means that the girl in question didn't submit her photos or make the first move. Scouts find potential models everywhere, from shopping malls, restaurants to theme parks. This expedites (or moves along) the process quicker, because the agency is already interested in this model and if she is young, they'll definitely make an exception to the rule.

However, if you are the one inquiring about representation and you're going through the regular channels or attending open calls, or submitting your photos, an agent may not want to sign you if you are really young.

Whatever the case may be for you, if an agent tells you that you are indeed too young and to come back in a few years, please take the advice. It may be devastating news for you and if may feel like your life is over. But they wouldn't tell you to come back if they weren't interested.

Agencies deal with a lot of legalities and liability issues when it comes to models, and these are extremely more serious when it comes to underage models. Labor laws, schooling, etc. are all factors that agencies have to deal with when using younger models. And sometimes they'll turn away younger models not only because of their age, but also because they want these girls to mature more before getting into the business.

It may sound stupid to some, but it takes maturity, attitude and personality to be a great model. And sometimes being too young and immature or simply not having enough life experiences can affect a model's career. This in turn, affects the agency. It's also easier to book models who have at least completed the first two or three years of high school. There are a number of reasons why an agency won't sign a model who is too young.

Take this in stride and don't see it as a bad sign. Stay in touch with the agency in question. Pay your dues and go to school, hang out with friends, etc. When all that is said and done, the agency will welcome you back to see where you are at in life mentally and emotionally.

There is always a risk with too-young girls in the modeling world. So trust the professionals and work on your self-esteem, your personality and your people skills while you're still young. In the long run it will greatly benefit you not just as a model, but as a person.

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