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Friday, March 2, 2007

Building Up Your Wardrobe

Here's the fun part for all you shopaholics out there...as a model you've got to have clothes, which means SHOPPING! EEEEEEEEEEEE!

Many times you'll be required to provide your own outfits, unless the shoot is for a clothing brand or store that will already have your wardrobe laid out. Go through your closets and separate your everyday clothes from the clothes that you would want to model during a shoot.

While shopping, be on the lookout for unique, trendy or quirkey items of clothing or accessories that may come in handy for a future shoot. A model can never have too many clothes! Also make sure that you have enough shoes to last you through any shoot.

The essential shoes you should have in your collection, if you don't have them already include: a clean, white pair of sneakers, strappy black heels, strappy white heels, sandals, and at least one pair of platform type of heels (the kind with corkscrew material look great). Keep these items separate from the shoes you wear on a regular basis.

Try to only wear these shoes for modeling projects and not anywhere else if you can help it. It's important that your shoes continue to look brand-new--nothing looks worse in a photo than shoes that are visibly scuffed, scratched or dirty.

A nifty trick I've come across when it comes to bathing suit shopping is to buy clearance from stores or catalogues--I favor the Victoria's Secret catalogue I get in the mail. Unlike their other high-priced catalogues, this edition offers clearance prices, with bathing suits of all styles, colors and sizes going for as little as $6.00! Mind you, normally, these pieces, especially two piece sets, can start at $20+ a piece!

I recently purchased five bathing suits from the catalogue for a little over $100. Now I have more than enough styles to last me the rest of the year! When shopping for swimsuits to use on your shoots, don't be picky! You don't have to worry about getting the cutest bathing suit. Pick a variety of styles and colors so that your photos won't all look the same.

If you're pressed financially, buy one or two articles of clothing a month, or per paycheck if you're working. This will slowly build up your wardrobe without breaking your wallet. It's perfectly fine to mix and match your old stuff with the new!

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