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Thursday, March 1, 2007

People Skills in Modeling

There is no "I" in "Team" and the same applies to modeling. Sure, the shoot features you and the end product is a result of your efforts, but without the photographer, makeup artist, hair stylist, stylist, etc., you wouldn't have a job. It is so important to have good people skills and to get along with the people you work with.

You're not going to completely get along with everyone all the time but there will be situations where you'll be required to keep your mouth shut and just do your job.

Models aren't paid to talk or give their opinions on shoots. You are there for a specific purpose and unless you are voicing a complaint or making a suggestion, stick to what you do best: posing and producing good photos.

Getting along with the people you work with on any shoot will create a happy atmosphere where all of you will be comfortable. I'm not saying you need to be best friends with each person you come into contact with but if you're not the type of person who can interact with folks after just meeting them, or if you are overly shy, then you won't be successful as a model.

Many times models cross over and become spokesmodels for a company, product, idea, whatever and in these instances, you will be required to speak in public, interact with crowds of people and answer questions. Clamming up or getting stage fright will hurt you and lose you valuable opportunities.

My advice is to always go with the flow. When you meet your crew and photographer for the first time, greet them with a smile, be open to answer whatever questions they ask you and don't question their judgement. They have a job to do and they get paid to do it well so you're in good hands. Picking fights, being uncooperative and being difficult to work with is the worst thing any model, no matter what part of the industry you're in, can do. There is no excuse.

What you need to always remind yourself of is that you are replaceable. There are millions of models fighting for the gigs and opportunities you have. So stay on your Ps and Qs. Be pleasant, be approachable, be open and most of all, be respectful of those you work with and demand no less than the same in return...but also give credit where credit is due. If you've been a pain in the butt the whole time, don't expect other people to fall over you to tell you how great you were. Be real.

Be grateful and appreciative that you have a good team of people working with you--not for you. After each photo shoot I do, I make it a point to thank and shake the hands of everyone involved. A little kindness goes a long way and will always leave a great impression on others. Of course, keep it simple and don't go overboard--no one likes a suck up.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the advice. I am so shy and self conscience, and this blog gave me some great tips!