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Thursday, March 1, 2007

Pay Attention to Detail

You can be standing in front of a camera, striking your pose and thinking about how fantastic the picture will come out...then you see the picture and there's a whole lotta funky stuff going on!

What am I talking about? When you pose, you may not look the way you think you look in your head. There are many mannerisms and weird things that we tend to do with our bodies, hands, feet, etc. If you aren't aware of them, you can mess many pictures.

Case and point: in the photo below, take a look at my hands. They're relaxed and gently grazing the stool. Well, I wish I had the outtake photos. In one or two of them, the photos show me in the exact same pose and same look, except that my hands were gripping the stool so hard, you could see the veins bulging in my hands and it looked like I had a death grip on the chair and was hanging on for dear life!

It was so freaky looking and because I had such an awesome photographer, she was able to quickly point it out to me so that I could fix it. The funny thing was that as I was posing, it totally didn't feel like I was gripping the stool that hard...boy, was I wrong!

Make sure to keep in mind what your hands, fingers and other parts of your body are doing when you pose. Another annoying habit I'm trying to break is how my pinky fingers always manage to stick out unnaturally when I'm posing or doing a runway walk. I don't even notice it but it's been pointed out to me time and again. I'll have to talk to my boyfriend and see if he can get me the photos from a spokesmodel competition I was in, where you can clearly see both of my pinkies hooked out like there was no tomorrow! LOL.

So it's important to practice in front of the mirror and work on keeping everything in its proper place. It's easy to get lost in the moment when you're in the middle of the pose, but you have to be concerned with more than just how your face looks. Remember to think about the whole package because if one little thing is out of place, the whole picture will be.

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