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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Answering a Reader Question #219 (Wrongly Numbered as #215)

Anonymous Wrote:

hi. is it impossible for someone that is 5'7" to do runways?

also, how are models paid? do they have to file taxes& such? 

Hi, Anonymous! It is possible for 5'7" models to do runway. It's just much more difficult if you are trying to get into a big market like New York, Miami or Los Angeles. If a model has a great look and a designer likes her, exceptions will be made. Not all the time but it does happen.

Models are paid either in cash or by check. If a model has an agent, they will be responsible for receiving payment from the client and will then mail a check to the model. Freelance models are paid by cash or check either on the day they work or will have the payment mailed to them within a few days/weeks.

As for your last question, yes, models must file taxes--even if they are underage (if you are 17 years of younger and live in the USA, your parents must report your earnings and file taxes on your behalf). Models are independent contractors, which means you'll have to submit a 1099 form. If you have an agent, they will mail you your 1099 form, while freelance models may get more than one, depending on how much money they've made and which clients send them this info.

Below are links to other blog posts I've written about modeling and taxes that you'll want to check out to get a better idea of what this involves:

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Hope that helps!

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