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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Answering a Reader Question #246

Evan Wrote:

Hi! I am 18 and i wanted to know if i had a chance to become a VS model! i have always loved watching the fashion shows and every time i have watched them i always want to be a VS model! i have also always like watching americas next top model! I have never modeled before though so i have no experience! i am also 5'6 and I am athletic and play sports so i am in good shape and skinny. But, i have always had somewhat big thighs does that matter!? and i dont really know my measurements either. i have brown hair, brown eyes, and im just an american girl, and i have tan skin! I have been told by many people that i am gorgeous and i could model if i wanted to but i never really believed them. but now i would like to model! do you think i have any chance of being able to be a VS model!?

Hello, Evan! Unfortunately, at 5'6" you are currently too short to be considered for VS modeling. The height requirement for that type of modeling is the same as traditional high fashion and runway, which is between 5'8"-6'0". So unless you end up growing to at least 5'8" VS won't be an option for you. :-(

However, if you're still interested in modeling, I would recommend pursuing commercial/print, which is what you're the ideal height for, according to the industry standards. It is important to know your measurements (bust, waist and hips in inches). The best way to do this is to go to a seamstress and have your measurements taken. Once you know those numbers, memorize them because that's the main information all agencies will ask for in addition to your height and age, among other things.


Evan said...

sorry but i am just wondering. but is there any chance that they would ever choose a 5'6 girl!? because i have heard that there are some VS models that are around my height and they got picked up because they were gorgeous! can that be a possibility!?

Dania Denise said...

Hi, Evan! I'm going to answer your question right here in this comment since to make things easy. :-) I currently do not know of any VS models that are 5'6". The shortest any model would be to be an exception to the established VS requirements is 5'7". 5'8" is the ideal minimum requirement so for them to accept a model at 5'6" would be extremely rare. Additionally, before you can even be a VS model you have to be signed to Elite or Ford in New York City, which is known for having the strictest requirements for models. If you can manage to get either of those agencies to sign you at 5'6" that will be the ultimate sign that you're an exception to the rule. But just know that being 5'6" in the fashion world is very rare and hard to accomplish. It is best to work with the modeling that you best meet the qualifications for in order to have realistic shot at pursuing a modeling career.

Evan said...

how do i get signed with Elite or Ford in New York!? and since my height isnt at the requirement what are some ways that i could get there attention and make a big i guess impression on them so they will remember me and would want to consider signing me even though i am 5'6!?

Thank You so much!

Dania Denise said...

To get signed to Ford or Elite in New York you'll have to submit your pictures through their official websites or attend an open casting call at their office location. Unfortunately, Elite and Ford state right on their websites that they only consider models that are a minimum of 5'9". That means the shortest they would consider is 5'8".

Agencies like Ford and Elite in New York will automatically disregard you as a serious candidate once they see your height. Sadly, there aren't ways to impress or convince an agency when you're much shorter than their requirements. I've known many new models who have amazing looks that were 5'6" but once they stepped into a fashion agency like Elite and Ford, they were automatically told "no" because of their height alone.

Lydia Whiting said...

Hey Dania!
You have heard it a million times but I would LOVE to be a VS model! this is a recent realization but now it's on my mind I can't shake it! I am 16 years old and the only measurement I know is my waist which is 24, my cup size is c/d and my hips are in proportion but yeah I don't know the exact measurement right now. I am all the way from New Zealand so there isn't much opportunity for modelling where I am, however I do some casual runway stuff, that doesn't require you to be stick thin. can you check out this pic to see if I should try and really chase this idea? Because for me, it is an expensive dream! here's the link,

and a headshot,

I hope you can help,

Dania Denise said...

Hi, Lydia Whiting! You'll find the answer to your question in its own post, titled "Answering a Reader Question #252." Thanks for reading!