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Friday, November 18, 2011

Dania Denise: New Agency FAQ

As you've probably already read on my recent post, "The Latest on Dania Denise - November 2011: New Agency Representation!!!" I've got a new agent and am very excited to see where things go with new representation. I'm sure you've got some questions about this experience to ask me about so I decided to list a few that I felt would more than likely come up (of course if you've got a question that isn't covered here, feel free to ask away!):

Q: How much did you pay to sign with your new agent?
A: Not a dime!

Q: Why didn't you have to pay any money?
A: Scout is a legit agency that does not charge any upfront fees. Because I already have experience and photos, they didn't require me to do test shoots with photographers to build my portfolio.

Q: How did you leave your other agency?
A: I got an email from my agent at the time, saying my contract was up for renewal. They attached the paperwork and asked me to return it to them, signed. I replied back via email and stated that at this time I did not wish to continue receiving representation through them and wanted to terminate my contract. That was all I needed to do. Of course I made sure that I had an offer from another agency in place before I sent that email.

Q: How did your agency react?
A: They replied back via email to say that they were sorry to see me go and that they would miss me but to keep in touch.

Q: Did you have to put together comp/zed cards or new headshots?
A: No. My current headshots were approved by my new agency and in the market I work in, clients don't typically ask for comp/zed cards (headshots are enough) so for now I don't have to deal with that.

Q: What kind of contract do you have?
A: It's an exclusive contract. In general, I don't like exclusive contracts but in my situation it's okay because 1) They only represent me locally for print work, 2) I'm allowed to freelance assignments on my own, as long as I keep them in the loop about it, 3) I'm not a high fashion model so it's highly unlikely that I'll need to seek representation with multiple agencies in other markets/locations/states and travel a lot. Commercial/print models tend to stay local anyway. Additionally, I didn't get offers from other agencies so for now I'm fine with having just one.

Q: How much commission does your agency take?
A: My agent charges a 20% commission. However, they do not deduct their cut from my earnings--they are paid for that separately so I take home the exact amount I'm promised.

Q: Have you gotten any work so far?
A: I only signed a little over a week ago so not yet. I had my first casting, however, which was for Nike.

Q: How did you find your new agent?
A: A model I worked with who was signed with them told me about her experience and how much she liked them so far. So I decided to visit their website to see what they were all about.

Q: How did you submit?
A: I only planned on submitting for representation as an actor so I followed the directions for actor submissions on the website, which was to snail mail a headshot and resume.

Q: What did you wear to the interview?
A: Dark skinnies, black heels and a solid colored, black t-shirt that was form fitting.

Q: How did you do your hair and makeup?
A: I wore my hair down and curled like I normally do on a daily basis. For makeup, I simply wore lip balm, a touch of concealer under my eye area, super light mascara and powder to avoid shine. Nothing else.

Q: Did you have to do a runway walk in your interview?
A: No. I wasn't being considered for fashion or runway so I didn't have to walk.

Q: Did they take your measurements or weigh you?
A: No. Again, I was being considered for print work so that stuff didn't apply. Plus, the bookers could tell that the measurements I provided them with were accurate by looking at me in person.

Q: What questions did they ask you at the interview?
A: They asked how long I'd been modeling, if I had an agent, what my availability was/work situation and if I was willing to travel to LA for modeling and/or acting work.

Q: Did you sign the contract right when they offered it to you?
A: No. They encouraged me to take the paperwork home to review it carefully and decide if I wanted to continue with the process. There was never any pressure to sign the contract right then and there.

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