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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Latest Casting: Need Facebook "Likes"

Hello, my beloved Modeling 101 readers! I would like to take some time to ask for your assistance with a casting I'm being considered for. Please note it is not a model search or contest--it's a basic casting for the Shore Side Jewelry Co., which is based out of Michigan and specializes in beautiful handmade jewelry made of beach glass and other precious metals. They are looking for 3 models for their latest product shoot. After submitting my pictures and information, they replied back to say they loved my look. Shore Side Jewelry Co. is looking for models that not only have a great look and experience, but who are also into self promotion and have a supportive following.

They have taken the picture I submitted, which is the photo associated with this post, and added it to their Facebook company page in its own album, which consists of the photos of the models they are considering so far. To see how good we are at self promotion, they have asked us to spread the word and get people to not just "Like" their company page but "Like" our photo as well. That is where you, my dear readers, come in!

If you have a Facebook profile and would like to help me show Shore Side Jewelry Co. that I should be one of the 3 chosen models, please follow these 2 easy steps:

1) "Like" the Shore Side Jewelry Co.'s Facebook Page:


(You must "Like" their page in order to "Like" my photo)

2) "Like" my photo, which is in the album titled "Casting Call Nov 5th." Again, my photo is the same one that is in this post...because of the green background it should be pretty easy to find:


Just one "Like" is all it takes. While this portion of the casting is not mandatory, it does put a good foot forward to show that I am serious about this opportunity. Thank you in advance to those that participate in an effort to support me--I appreciate you and will definitely keep you posted if I end up making the cut! Fingers crossed!!!

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