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Friday, December 2, 2011

Answering a Reader Question #254

Kat Wrote:

Hi dania, so my question is when submitting pic to agencies how do I wear my hair? I'm black and I have natural hair so I can wear curly in two ways. Is it better to go with the shrinked up look or is it better to wear it dry in a big afro I don't know which is best. when my hair shrinks it reaches barely the nape of my neck. When is it stretched out it's much bigger so what do agencies prefer? 

Hi, Kat! Great questions! For submitting your pictures to agencies, choose the hairstyle that you feel makes you look your best and that you normally wear. So if that describes one hairstyle over the other, go for that one. Because there are two ways you described wearing your hair, you can also take a headshot for each hairstyle to have handy just in case. Only submit one headshot to the agencies but mention that you also have an additional photo of your hair in another natural style and can submit that to them if they want. Agencies only need one headshot for a submission but if they're interested in you, they may ask for the other picture with the second hairstyle option.

The natural look is in demand for models of color in the industry right now but there is no one natural style that is preferred over the other most times when it comes to agencies so either one will be good to submit. Like I said, the deciding factor should be the style you like best and wear the majority of the time. Hope that helps!

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