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Monday, December 26, 2011

Answering a Reader Question #272

Karen Wrote:

Hey! Great blog, it's really nice of you helping aspiring models out there.
I'm from Argentina (thats why my english sucks lol), and i have always ALWAYS wanted to be a model, ever since i can remember. I know by heart every single episode of america's next top model.
My height is 1.65 (i know, short. but here models arent as tall as in other countries so thats not a major problem) and my weight is around 52 kilos. im curvy and i have a really nice body actually. my hair is light brown and my eyes blue.
But the problem is that my mom isnt very supportive about this! what can i do?
also do you think i would be able to succeed in modeling if i move to new york when i turn 18? how can i do that?
thank u so much!! xo 

Hi, Karen! Don't worry, I can understand your English just fine. :-) Please click on the links below, which will take you to blog posts I've done about how to deal with parents and telling them about wanting to model...it should help:

The Parents
When You Get No Support For Modeling

Unfortunately, your height doesn't qualify you to do fashion/runway/editorial modeling and in New York they are very strict about height. The minimum most agencies in New York want you to be is 5'8", which I believe is something like 1.75m for you. However, you are fairly ideal for commercial/print but I would not advise moving all the way to New York in order to pursue that particular type of modeling. Most commercial/print models only work locally and do not travel outside of the state or internationally. Plus, living in New York is very expensive and unlike runway and fashion agencies, commercial/print modeling agencies do not typically have model housing or model dorms for people who are coming from out of the area.

My best piece of advice to you would be to find a legit and reputable agency that represents commercial/print models in your area and pursue a serious career there. Should you get signed, you can talk to your agent about your hopes of modeling in the USA and see if they have any suggestions or ways to help you achieve this.

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Pashupati said...

5'8'' is 1m72-73 :)