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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Latest Dania Denise Interview with Online Magazine The Network Commmunity

Some time ago I did a featured blog post on industry professional, Paul Fisher, who is known for representing some of the world's biggest supermodels (Naomi Campbell, Janice Dickenson and Eva Herzigova, among many others). You've probably started seeing the television commercials for his new reality show "Remodeled." I'm personally super excited about the series because it FINALLY shows what really happens in the modeling industry. What impresses me about Paul the most is his attempt to not only show agencies how they should be going about pursuing the industry and finding new faces, but how important it is for models to know and understand health and wellness and that they no longer have to put themselves in harm's way just to "make it."

The Network Community is an online magazine that Paul is a part of, which is part of his mission to turn the modeling world into a more positive and healthy one, compared to what it's become known for in recent years. One of the magazine's writers, Sarah, contacted me and said she'd love to do an interview with me about my career and my Modeling 101 blog. Needless to say, I was all for it!

The interview is now live and you can check it out by clicking the link below...it's also on their homepage:

The Network Community - Industry Profiles: Dania Denise Interview

I highly recommend that my readers check out "Remodeled" when it premieres on The CW (I believe it starts in mid-January 2012). It'll give you a must better idea as to what models and all related professionals in the modeling world deal with on a daily basis and is so far the most accurate depiction, which I think will be super beneficial to models of all experience levels, including newbies.

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