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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Answering a Reader Question #265

Carrington Wrote:

Heyy, i am carrington. i am 14 years old and one of mii life long dream is to be a victoria secret angle but now it all crushed :(. only because i also want to study to be a devorce aterney. so the whole going to new york thing (out the picture) i do happen to meet almost all the requierments.
*i am 5'6" and still growing
*i am not anerexic . have wide hips and a great curve.(although i have some streach marks hear and there).
*oh and theres another problem i am only 14 (-__-)... what should i do??

Hey, Carrington! It doesn't seem that VS would be a realistic thing for you to pursue but at your current age and height, you are ideal for commercial/print and teen modeling. Getting signed to modeling agencies that represent these types of models is a great way for you to gain professional experience and build a strong portfolio.

That being said, you should do an online search for modeling agencies in your city/state that are no farther than a 2 hour's drive from where you live. Browse through the official websites of the agencies you find and they will list all of the information you'll need to about how what to submit and how to submit to them. Be sure to send your pictures and info to as many agencies as you can to improve your odds. You're still really young so you've got time to enjoy a regular modeling career before pursuing a serious career as a divorce attorney. Plus, doing commercial/print and teen modeling is safe for you to do that won't harm your image once you are older and become a divorce attorney.

Good luck to you!

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