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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Why You Should Watch "Scouted" Instead of ANTM

This post is not meant to belittle or insult ANTM in any way but I believe in calling things like they are. When ANTM first premiered, I was an avid viewer and enjoyed the fact that the modeling industry was hitting the mainstream. However, I quickly lost interest after Cycle 3.

I haven't actively watched any cycle of ANTM since then (although I did watch a few episodes of the petite cycle and the finale episode of the All Stars). Here are my reasons for no longer being interested in ANTM:
  • It doesn't accurately depict what being a model in the industry is really like.
  • As with any other reality show, it focuses a lot on the drama between the contestants, which in reality, no one should care about because it doesn't contribute positively to showcasing how real models in the real world work.
  • It doesn't follow the "protocol" of how models really are discovered and "make it" into the industry.
Am I saying that no one should ever watch ANTM? Definitely not. If you love the show, then watch it...I think my main concern for fans of this show is that some take what they see on there SERIOUSLY. This gives them a super false impression of what being a model is like and what it takes. The ONLY thing anyone should take seriously when watching ANTM are what happens during the photoshoots and the part where they go to another country and are sent on go-sees with designers. Those two aspects are pretty much the ONLY fairly accurate depictions of what models encounter on a daily basis in their careers. The fashion shows in the finale episodes are okay as well, since it does show the hustle and bustle of what happens both onstage and offstage.

Now when it comes to the show "Scouted," THEY have it right. I strongly encourage new and aspiring models (who aren't already watching this show) to begin doing so--mainly because this reality TV actually shows the "reality" of what it takes to become a signed model and all the things that factor into the final decision as to whom 1 Management will/will not represent. For all of you readers who constantly wonder what it's like to be scouted or wonder if you've got what it takes, Scouted does a great job of spotlighting actual situations where the everyday girl gets spotted on the street, at the mall, on campus at school, etc. and interacts with a legit modeling scout.

The scouts themselves are all different and many of them don't even look like they'd be affiliated in any way with the industry...and I LOVE THAT! Scouted hasn't created any over-the-top characters with personalities that tend to distract from what's going on. The scouts are the real deal and their interactions with the potential models and their families is genuine.

1 Management is a top agency in New York and I love how they go about the selection process in the right way--not by hosting ridiculous "contests" and "competitions" but by looking at a potential model's test shoot images and video and discussing their realistic chances of being successful. Does Scouted promise that the models 1 Management signs will become "Top Models"? Nope. They're simply looking for a person that has the whole package so the agency can make them a SUCCESSFUL model that earns good money and gets hired by big clients.

Not many agencies open up their world to cameras so Scouted is the perfect way for anyone interested in becoming a model to see how the day-to-day operations of this type of business works as it relates to how they find new faces. In particular, pay attention to the feedback 1 Management gives to the people that appear on the show. They talk about everything from the model's physical look to attitude, maturity and even their family life, among other things.

This is the ideal situation where viewers hoping to become models can learn from another person's mistakes and better understand what a top agency expects from them, should they get offered a contract for representation. Another thing I like about this show is that they deal with many individuals that have no experience in modeling. For those of you also lacking any previous experience and are concerned as to how it could affect your chances of working with an agency, watching Scouted will help you get a better idea of what you can expect.

It is important to note, however, that 1 Management doesn't look for exactly the same thing as other agencies like IMG, Ford, DNA, Elite, Wilhelmina, etc. What you see on Scouted is what applies to 1 Management only. A new model scouted by any of the agencies I mentioned may or may not have a similar experience. So keep that in mind.

There aren't many reality TV shows that deal with modeling that I care to go out of my way to watch but Scouted is one of them. I can't say strongly enough how I applaud this show for telling it like it really is. Of course it is still a reality show so I'm sure there are some parts of it that are played up just for TV but when compared to ANTM, Scouted has everything right, in my opinion.


Abigail said...

Thanks Dania! i had never heard of this, but im gonna go look it up now! :)


Lina said...

I was wondering what was your opinion on submitting yourself to modeling agencies in different countries? Also, would it be good or bad to submit yourself to a lot (fifteen-twenty) at the same time?

Dania Denise said...

Hi, Lina! You'll find the answer to your question in its own post, titled "Answering a Reader Question #279." Thanks for reading!

Lisa said...

I never liked America's Next Top Model.