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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Quick Tip #26

Category: Clothing
For: Male & Female Models

For shoots where the models are asked to bring some of their own wardrobe, it is not uncommon to have the creative director or wardrobe stylist on set have another model wear your clothes and vice-versa. This doesn't happen every single time but it's important to know that the person in charge of making this decision will ask you if it's okay for someone else to wear your clothes, shoes or accessories or if you'd be comfortable wearing something that belongs to someone else. However, it's usually only one article of clothing and not an entire outfit, unless it's a dress or something similar.

If the thought of another person coming into contact with your clothing makes you queasy, focus on the fact that it's a work related thing and will show good sportsmanship if you agree (and besides, that's what washing machines are for). The models hired show up showered and well groomed so it isn't like a filthy stranger is going to be sporting your outfits the entire time.

So don't be shocked if you get asked to swap clothes you've brought with another model or to wear another person's clothes. It's just another part of the modeling business.

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