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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Answering a Reader Question #276

Anonymous Wrote:

hi you said that no vs model is under the height of 5ft8, however Laetitia Casta is 5ft6...
does that mean there is still hope for the rest of us short people out there? 

Hey, Anonymous! Laetitia Casta is what is known in the industry as "an exception to the rule." Similar to Kate Moss. While it's a positive thing because it shows that there are short models who can make the cut when it comes to fashion modeling, it is just that--an exception and not the norm. Just because Laetitia Casta and Kate Moss made it doesn't mean the modeling industry is going to open its arms to accept even more models that are short. Unfortunately, it just doesn't work that way.

While shorter models can find hope in how successful Laetitia Casta has become, Victoria's Secret isn't going to suddenly start hiring models 5'6" or shorter. Remember, VS is a client, not an agency...just like any other client, they turn to high fashion modeling agencies to find their new faces. So it's not VS you have to convince to sign you as a shorter model--it's Elite, Ford and the other high fashion agencies in New York. Must easier said than done. What made Laetitia Casta stand out, like Kate Moss, was that the decision makers in the industry felt she had an exceptional physical appearance that they knew would market very well. And it did. Sadly, not every short model is going to be considered "exceptional" or "extraordinary" enough to make it to the big leagues. That is where the problem is for shorter models.

While it's great that Laetitia Casta has become a supermodel in her own right being 5'6", the sad part is that the industry doesn't recognize her as a short model. Her agencies list her as being 5'9" or 5'10". In interviews, she has been known to say she is 5'7". So it isn't like the industry is shouting out to the world how amazing this short model is--they lie about her height on purpose so that high fashion clients will continue to work with her. Of course her success can now allow her to get gigs based on her name alone but even she doesn't own up to her true height. So that should put things into perspective that even though there are some "exceptions to the rule," it hasn't kept the modeling industry from lying about the height issue so that it won't work against the model.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Usually it's the model having an exceptional physical appearance and personality on average versus the height. In fact, there may female runway high fashion models that can even range from 5'4 1/2"-5'7" or shorter and male ones ranging from 5'7 1/2"- 5'10" or shorter even when the modeling industry or the press lies about their height.