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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Answering a Reader Question #281

Sarelle Wrote:

Hi :) im Sarelle and i have some questions for you. Ive always wanted to be a model and my what seems like has been my whole life people have been telling me to do it and i never felt like i could. I felt like i should ask a real model what i should do and then all of a sudden i found your blog so i made one so i could ask you questions. I would love to be a VS model of course but i feel that is way out of my league. Im a little over 5'8" im 18 and my measurements are 34 28 38. Im trying to really do this so im enrolled in Barbizon for modeling. I am wondering if your actual weight itself matters or just the way you look? and what do people look for because ive seen some pretty unattractive people in magazines so it makes me wonder if its just because of the fact that they are really skinny or is that what they were looking for. like you what i love about the whole VS thing is that they look healthy and thats my main thing i want to do this the right way, no short cuts. my thing is though is that i just dont think i can do it. im not fat but im not model skinny i just want to know what needs to be done i guess. i dont think im making any sense at all so if im not just let me know and ill try to clarify. i hope to hear a reply soon, thank you :) 

Hi, Sarelle! Thanks for the questions and don't worry, I understand what you're asking and where you're coming from. :-) So to answer your first question, when it comes to modeling--specifically fashion and runway--the measurements are what matters more than the actual weight. Measurements are just as important as a model's look. The ideal agency standard for fashion models is 34-34-24, which is bust, waist and hips in inches. You can be smaller but no larger than one inch in any of those areas so the largest agencies would allow you to be is 35-25-35. Your waist and hips are larger than that so just know that when it comes to seeking agency representation, this could be something an agency may bring up.

There is no universal "look" that all agencies and clients look for. This is why you'll see models that are gorgeous as well as models that are not exactly the public's definition of "attractive", "pretty" or "handsome." For example, commercial/print models are known for being the attractive/pretty/handsome girl or guy next door, while runway and high fashion models are known for being exotic, alien, odd or strange looking (that's not meant to be a bad thing, either). Most traditional runway models aren't perceived as being conventionally "beautiful"--it is because of their unique, out of the ordinary look that agencies and designers like them. But all agencies look for something different. So that's a good thing.

Self confidence will take you a long way. I always say that what one agency may not like in a model, another agency may love. Just because one agency decides to pass on a model doesn't mean the rest of them will. My best piece of advice to you would be to attend open casting calls for agencies in your area (go to as many as you can since it will increase your odds) and see what their feedback is. If the general feedback is that you're too big size-wise to do fashion, then go to plan B, which is finding agencies that represent commercial/print models. This type of modeling is very flexible on what size you can be as long as you are proportional and healthy in appearance.

If agencies are telling you to slim down that is your decision to make and should only be done if you know you can do so in a healthy way. If you know for a fact you can't get down to 34-25-35 without jeopardizing your health, don't risk it and instead go for commercial/print, which will accept you exactly as you are without forcing you to meet unrealistic requirements as they apply to you.

Go online and look for agencies that are within a 2 hour's drive from where you live. The websites will give you all the information and instructions you'll need as far as what kinds of pictures they want, how to submit yourself and if they have open casting calls. Feel free to send me an email at: daniadenise@gmail.com if you need help finding legit agency websites and I can give you further assistance with that, as well as answer any other questions or concerns you may have.

Hope that helps and good luck to you!

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